When I was pregnant with my first child I was never scared of giving birth. I knew from the start my body was able to give birth naturally as long as I trusted in my abilities do so. I was fortunate enough to have a sister who had three children before me, so I was given lots of advice from her, and felt comfortable with pregnancy and child birth. My mother was pivotel too, despite giving birth to me some 30 years before, still had a fresh memory of the process. She was also a very positive role model for childbirth.  I have a very supportive husband who backed me 100%, and gave me the confidence to listen and trust in my body.

Having known about birth from having lots of family and friends have children, I still wanted to be an informed mumma. I did my research and would only read books and articles that resonated with me. I heard a great saying when I was pregnant "only take the advice that resonates with you, the rest sweep under the rug". Whilst doing my research I discovered a Doula who was close to where I live. I contacted Catherine and she instantly had a vibe about her that I was able to relate to. I wanted to seek the advice of a Doula to ensure that I was going into childbirth and parenthood with as much knowledge and information as I could absorb. I could tell Catherine was informed herself, after having 4 children of her own, plus supporting many women and families in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. After meeting with Catherine we developed a birth plan that we were truly confident in. I had a very siccessful natural birth. I felt aupported by everyone around me, but most of all I felt totally informed about the decisions I made during and after childbirth.

'Catherine works in conjunction with your medical care providers to help you understand your unique pregnancy and prepare for your birth'. Here's more on Catherine and Bellabirth.....

About Bellabirth

BELLABIRTH is a birth preparation and support service specialising in a mentoring program provided by Catherine Bell to help parents-to-be prepare for labour and the transition into parenthood. Catherine offers face-to-face support to expectant parents in Canberra, Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Braidwood, Goulburn, Batemans Bay and surrounds and email-based support across Australia.

Bellabirth began in June 2010, and has developed to be a mentoring service that tailors to the needs and desires of individuals. Catherine continues to develop bellabirth by keeping up to date with the latest research into pregnancy, birth and parenting. This means she can provide you with the latest research to assist you with your understanding of your unique situation. This will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your pregnancy and birth and early parenting experiences.
There are many options when it comes to pregnancy and birth, and as many ways to approach parenting as there are children born. Your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey are unique to you and there is no one size fits all approach. Catherine can help you navigate these often overwhelming options to make truly informed decisions and empower you on your journey.

As a personal mentor, Catherine attends to the emotional wellbeing of the parents-to-be, working with you and your medical care provider to support you in your birth preparation. Catherine offers continuous emotional care, informational support and physical support. Pregnancy and birth is a transitional process, and whilst it is a natural process, it requires good preparation and support.

About Catherine

Catherine is a mother of four. She decided to become a doula in 2010 after realising that many women do not know their options in pregnancy and birth, and without options, they can not make informed choices. This led her to become involved with the Young Mums Canberra program, a volunteer service supporting under 21’s.

Catherine has completed a Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education (community) and (counselling) through the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA).

As a certified doula, you can be sure that Catherine has an excellent base knowledge and experience of birth. This is continually built on through extended education and networking.

Catherine has a Masters in Science Communication, which means she can translate the latest research and help you understand it in relation to your experience: The process of making a truly informed decision. Catherine has a background in biology and anthropology (Bachelor of Science from Australian National University, Honours from University of Adelaide).

Catherine is committed to continued education. She attends relevant conferences and workshops, keeps up-to-date with research papers and networks with local care providers to ensure an holistic service.

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